Monday, December 24, 2007

T'was the Night Before Christmas

T'was the night before Christmas and all thur the house, not a NASBL manager was stirring not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, and every manager was hoping the player he wanted to draft would still be there. The managers were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of 5-tool players danced in their heads; All of a sudden I heard a noise outside & was glad I didn't have to 'pop a cap in the sucker's side'. I realize in a moment it must be St Nick because he shouted and called them by name: "Now, Braun! now, Lincecum! now, Pence & Dice K! On, Pedroia! on Young! on, Accardo and Okajima! Then he sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle, I heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight, "HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL NASBL'ers, AND TO ALL A GOOD-NIGHT."

Saturday, November 3, 2007

2008 Haymakers

So after an exciting first season, a look ahead at the 2008 Haymakers. The 2007 starters posted a combined ERA of 5.18 and minus two bright spots 2008 does not look to fare better. Chris Carpenter the 2007 ace is out with an arm injury and will be unavailable in 2008. Kevin Millwood, a 14 game winner in 2007, looks to get worse next season because of too much control (213 hits in 173 innings). Scott Olsen, the firey young left-hander, let his emotions get the best of him and should look interesting with a 1.76 WHIP. Clay Hensley was hurt much of the season and looks to make the same contribution as Carpenter (if he even makes the team). It's not all bad...Brad Penny seems to have been able to solve his 2nd half collapse issues and turned out a nice season and should be sharp for the Haymakers in 2008, while the sleeper pick of the 2007 draft Fausto Carmona should anchor the rotation next season.
The 2008 bull-pen will have a hard time repeating the success from 2007 where they lead the league with a combined 2.84 ERA. Closer BJ Ryan (1.52 ERA with 35 saves in 2007) will be out all of 2008 with an injury. Set-up men Brian Fuentes (9-2 with a 1.01 ERA) and Huston Street (6-5 with a 2.44 ERA) look solid for next season, but should not be as lights out as last season. Young reliever Matt Capps (2-3 with a 4.64 ERA in 2007) has looked great in winter ball, posting 2.28 ERA in 78 innings.
As for the hitters, Vernon Wells (.247 BA, 28 HR, 106 RBI in 2007) hitting woes will continue in 2008. The other 3 hitters in the top of the lineup should continue to carry the team; Crawford (.315 BA, 110 Runs, 54 stolen bases), Suzuki (.352 BA, 90 RBI, 39 stolen bases) and Utley (.294 BA, 35 doubles, 78 RBI's) all look great for the 2008 season. "They are going to be great for us," GM Ken Anderson said, "It's the rest of the lineup I'm worried about." The supporting cast looks suspect, and will have a hard time helping the team in 2008. "The only other player with over 500 AB's on our team last season was Conor, and his production should be on-par with that in 2008. We need a lot of help from our part-time players and it's going to be important that they step up." the GM said. Other supporting players like Chad Tracy (.319 BA, 18 HR, 67 RBI in 404 AB) was out over half the season with an injury, and does not look good for 2008.
Overall, there are some bright young stars on this team, but it's going to be hard for the Haymakers to match their 87-76 record from last season without a strong draft and/or some trades.
"We can't win with only two starters," said GM Ken Anderson, "If anyone wants to trade us their first round pick next season for a can of beans, let me know."

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pilots Clinch LF Wildcard

The Less Filling playoff picture clarified itself dramatically when the Seattle Pilots closed out their season strong, sweeping both Georgia and Grundy County.

The 91-71 Pilots will represent the Less Filling as the Wildcard team in the 2007 NASBL Playoffs.

What remains to be seen is whether their 1st round opponent will be the Vermont Fighting Sioux, or the Dallas Fort Worth Spurs. Both division winners (presumptively in the case of the Sioux, whose magic number is still technically at 1, with the New York Knights dangling by the proverbial thread) are within percentage points of one another.

Over in the TG, the East is still technically wide open, with Honolulu yet to eliminate either Springfield or Lake Champlain from either the division title or Wildcard hopes. Nevertheless, the Hawaiians are in the driver's seat for the division crown, and Springfield holds all the cards in the WC chase.

In the TG South, Outlaw now holds a 1/2 game edge over Texas, with New Jersey 4 games back.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Home Not so Sweet Home for DFW

Bk-3 finds the Spurs struggling to finish at .500 at home going 9-9, while on the road they posted an 11-9 record. During a 5 game series the Spurs went 0-3 vs HHA, and 0-2 vs LCC, and they had their 'heads' handed to them (all net-play). The LCC series was a 'Blood Bath'! LCC out scored DFW 22-1. "I was afraid they wanted to film a slasher movie. There wasn't that much blood in the movie Halloween", stated C Victor Martinez. "If we weren't getting or brains beat out, we were getting numbed to death". When asked what he meant, Martinez continued, "A blop single here, a seeing eye single there. A wild pitch here or passed ball there. You know numbed to death". When a reporter asked V-Mart, "Well when the Spurs are the team getting the seeing eye singles and the all the breaks (splits!!) you consider that making things happen right"? V-Mart just gave him a smile and a wink.

What also is puzzling is that DFW has a better road record 43-23 than they do home record 44-32!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Sioux stars shine bright in mid-season classic - Commish Beard Still Confused

The All-Star game means lots of things to lots of people. For the Vermont Fighting Sioux participants it meant this:

A chance to excel on a big stage and bask in the spotlight

Showcasing the deep talent pool that is the VFS roster

And most importantly, lock up home field advantage for the NASBL World Series. We are expecting NASBL GM Steve "Bud" Beard to announce that the NASBL will mirror MLB's practice of awarding home field to the winning league in the All Star game. However, it's worth noting that we have lost many a bet expecting "Triple Bogie" Beard to do the right thing.

So, with the stage set to achieve the above goals, here's how the Sioux players did:

- Albert Pujols, HR, Game MVP
- John Lackey, Perfect IP, winning pitcher
- Jorge Posada, 3 run HR

When cornered at the game, Triple Bogie's confused state was captured on camera.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

At the end of BK-2 lets take a look around the NASBL. We'll look at the Less Filling Division. WEST

DFW leads the West with a record 67-38. Lead by SS C.Guillen .319
ba/14hr/70rbi, 3B F.Sanchez .333 and T.Hafner .297ba/33hr/103rbi. The Spurs lead the LF Division with a team BA of .294. The most surprising thing is their also lead the LF Division in team ERA of
4.30. The pitching is lead by D.Bush 11-5, 3.43era with G.Maddux 9-7, 4.74era, and K.Rogers 9-6, 5.63. The biggest surprise for DFW
is closer F.Rodriquez(K-Rod) who is having an outstanding year with
30 saves and is 1-1, 2.57era.

MSU find themselves in 2nd place with 58-46 record 8.5 games out.
They do lead the WC race by 3 games. The offense is lead by 3B D.
Wright .321ba/18hr/70rbi and R.Ibanez .309ba/24ba/61rbi. The table
setter is SS J.Reyes has scored 82 runs and leads the league in SB with 60 and has been throw out only twice. The pitching staff has four 9 game winners in D.Lowe,J.Westbrook, M. Morris, B.Howry [a reliever] and J.Beckett with 8 wins. To help beef up the staff for the stretch run they traded for Jason Schmidt. Closer JJ Putz has 27 saves a with a record of 4-2 with a minuscule era of 1.17!

TRY are in 3rd place 11.5 out with a record 54-48. They are only 3 games out in the WC race. With a big BK-2, TRY raised their team BA to .291. Lead by C. Crawford .329ba/78r/93b/15hr/60rbi, I. Suzuki .323 and V. Wells .250ba/14hr/61rbi. TRY is 3rd in the NASBL with a 103 team SB. The pitching is lead by K.Millwood 12-5, 480era and C.Hensley 8-4, 5.49. The strength of the team is the relief staff. 5 relievers have pitched a minimum of 30 games with a combined record of 19-10. The Closer BJ Ryan is 5-3, 2.25era and has 22 saves.

SPL even with a winning record of 55-51, are 12.5 games of in the West, but only 4 games out in the WC. The hitting is lead by C J. Mauer .338ba/14hr/59rbi, P. Konerko .288ba/26hr/73rbi. The pitching is lead by F.Garcia 11-6, 3.49era and J. Lieber 9-4, 4.93era. Rookie phoenum F. Hernandez is 7-11, 6.83era has been throw to the wolves but has shown signs of brilliance. SPL is hoping the trade that brought them J. Dye and future HOF R. Clemens can jump start them to make up ground in their play off hunt. Also look for INF E. German to have a Big impact the last half of the season.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My 2 cents......

At the end of BK-2 lets take a look around the NASBL. We'll look at the Less Filling Division. CENTRAL

VFS are in 1st place with record of 62-41. The Sioux are having their best season in years. Six starters are hitting over .300 lead by 1B A. Pujols .328ba/38hr/99rbi. 1st Rd pick R. Zimmerman is struggling to get use to NASBL pitching batting just .238, but has 302b/9hr/59rbi. The pitching is lead by John Lackey 12-4, 3.63era and Brett Myers 9-6, 411era. Closer Billy Wagner has 22 saves with a 1.27era. The other 1st Rd pick Nelson Liriano is tearing up the NASBL with a 8-1 record and has 92 K's in just 68 ip and will push for ROY honors.

NYK 52-50 The young Knights are in 2nd place 9.5 games behind VFS, but are only 5 games out in the WC race. NYK has a .289 team batting average and are lead by Garrett Atkins.304ba/13hr/73rbi and Billy Hall .291ba/25hr/76rbi. The pitching is the big reason the NYK are in contention. 1st Rd pick Matt Cain is 11-7, 5.60era with 3 CG. 2nd Rd pick closer T. Saito is 4-1, 1.85era and 22 saves. Saito is the guy the NYKbeen looking for to come in and close out games. If they continue to play team ball they should be in the thick of things in September.

PCM 50-54-- Find themselves in unfamiliar territory. They are 12.5 games behind in the South and 8 games out in the WC race. CF Tori Hunter leads the team .310ba/27hr/65rbi and 1st Rd pick Prince Fielder .266ba/15hr/51 rbi is a star in the making. The pitching is the reason PCM is struggling. It's all or nothing. Two starters are responsible for half the teams wins, J.Santana 13-7, 4.12era and B.Arroyo 13-5, 4.41era. Then there is Dan Haren 3-10, 5.69era and P.Martinez 3-8, 5.44era PCM has won '7' straight South Titles. They will need a big second half to make it '8'.

GCG 33-71- If one team knows the term 'growing pains', it's GCG. They made the biggest off-season trade with HHA when they traded R.Oswalt and P.Burrell for M.Cabrera and M.Buehrle. Cabrera leads the team in hitting .320 but hasn't been a big run producer. They are building a young team with the likes of Cabrera, 1B- J. J.Morneau, C- R.Martin and SS-S.Drew. INF-K.Youkilis has been a pleasant surprise .300ba/10hr/52rbi and NASBL stolen base thief J.Pierre has 59 steals in 70 attempts. The pitching which looks like a MASH unit is struggling. M.Prior 1-5, 5.80era, J.Moyer 3-13, 6.37era and V.Padillia 2-13, 7.26era. Young Closer C.Ray has on the job training 2-3, 6.47era and 7 saves.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

News and Notes from Illinois

Illinois and LCC Complete 2nd Trade

Illinois sent David Dellucci and Kiko Calero to Lake Champlain for Casey Blake and John Rauch. This trade should help LCC in the pennant race and give the Chows more flexibility at the corner positions for next season.

Chows Petition NASBL to hold Draft at Seventies Stadium

After acquiring two first round picks via trade, GM Brad Sherlag is formally petitioning the league to hold the live draft at Seventies Stadium this off-season. “It would be a real boost for our small season ticket base if they could come out and see the draft in person. Having the home team go to the podium three times would add some excitement to the event that I am sure the home viewers on ESPN2 would enjoy. We may not have a posh club to hold the event in like some of the more expensive stadiums, but we do have a banquet room in the lower lever that would fit the draft teams, the commentators and some fans. We hope Commissioner Beard will see this as an exciting opportunity and allow the great people of Illinois the chance to host the draft.”

Can’t Tell the Players without a Program

As the second half of the NASBL season gets underway, you may not recognize your Chows. Of the 30 Chows that broke with the club over a quarter of the roster has turned over. Only eight holdovers remain in place from when Brad Sherlag purchased the old Yorktown franchise. Those eight are Beltran, Beltre, Barrett, Kearns, Dunn, Halliday, Speier and Gagne. Vidro was with Yorktown, however he was released by the Chows and re-acquired via the draft.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

My 2 cents.....

At the end of BK-2 lets take a look around the NASBL. We will start with the Taste Great Division. SOUTH

Their are so many things that could be said tongue in cheek about the South. We are going to take the high road. OK how about this-- 1st team to 74 victories wins the Division.

TTB leads the division with a 49-56 record. They are tied with HHA with a League Leading team BA of .296. TTB is lead by the duo of OF Matt Holiday .347ba/30hr/76rbi and young slugging 1B Ryan Howard .285ba/37hr/92rbi. The Achilles heal for TTB is their pitching. They have team era of 5.89. Chris Young is 11-5, 5.26era & Gil Meche is 10-7 5.97era. Stopper Akinori Otsuka is 3-5, 3.93era, but has 18 saves. TTB needs to out slug their opponents to win the division.

NJT is in second place 6 games behind in the South with 43-62 record. They closely mirror TTB with a team BA of .293 but a league worst 6.14era. J.Damon .326ba/18hr/63rbi, A.Rodriquez .307
ba/19hr/77rbi and R. Sexson .291ba/27hr/82rbi our doing their part in leading NJT in hitting. The very un-NJT perforamnce is the pitching staff. Future HOF R.Johnson is only 6-8 with a 4.64era [very un-Johnson-isk]. J.Bonderman is 10-10 with a 5.78era and F.Cordero is 2-4-18saves and a 5.35era. No pitcher on the staff has an era under 4.50!

OJW is in third place 7 games out with a record of 43-64. The hitting is lead by M.Ramirez .281ba/25hr/67 rbi, J.Bay
.260ba/29hr/70rbi, having a bit of a slow start are A.Soriano
.242 however with 28hr/77rbi and A.Ramirez with.234ba/22hr/57hr.
The problem for the Whales is their pitching. Youngster's Jake Peavy is 8-8, 4.53era and Scott Kamir 7-4, 4.19 are doing their part but veterans Tim Hudson 4-10, 5.80era and Andy Pettitte 6-10, 6.44era. The vets need to turn things around to 'Make my Day' for OJW fans.

GRK the Defending Champs find themselves with a record 40-67. GRK started rebuilding when they traded All-World Roger Clemens and J.Dye to SPL for OF Alex Rios and P Noah Lowry. Then they traded Jason Scmidt and Y. Torrealba and GRK 5th in 2008 to MSU for Joe Crede, Chris Britton and MSU 2nd in 2008. Valdy Guerrero is having
a monster year hitting .362/33hr/94rbi. Valdy said "Me kno care what front office do, me here to pla beezsball"!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My 2 cents.....

At the end of BK-2 lets take a look around the NASBL. We will start with the Taste Great Division. 'EAST'

HHA has the best record in the league at 68-35. They are tied with TTB with a .296 team BA. SS Miguel Tejada is leading the league in hitting with a .376ave/26hr/97rbi. HHA is also leading the league in team pitching with a 4.12 era. C.Zambrano leads the league with 13 wins, with R.Oswalt and B.Webb each having 12.

SPR is 60-42 in 2nd place in the East, but has an 8.5 game lead in the Wild Card race. L.Berkman is hitting .354/41hr/82rbi. Rookie Luke Scott .360ba/11hr/43rbi and lead the league in stolen bases with 123 and only being caught 24 times. CC (Rider)Sabathia is 10-3 with a 3.16era. J.Nathan despite a 1-4 record has 26 saves.

LCC is 52-51 and find themselves 8.5 back in the wild card race. Lead by Chipper Jones .350ba/23hr/60rbi and Big Papi .283ba/34hr/74rbi. LCC did make a move acquiring veteran pitcher Curt Schilling to make a last playoff run to beaf up the pitching staff. E.Bedard is 8-7 with a 5.34era. If the LCC bats can get hot they can hit their way back in the race.

ILL is 47-57 and some can say has a big bright smile on the face of management. ILL has made some outstanding moves in the 1st two blocks, not on the field but off. They have made some great trades for young pitching and have acquired two 2008 1st RD picks including having their own for a total of '3'. They did give up some good players in the likes of Josh Johnson and Rich Harden, but come draft day in 2008 ILL will be sitting pretty.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Sherlag Brothers Strike Deal - Chows now have Three 1's

The Brothers Sherlag made their first trade. Although the Chows and 'Topes have become bitter division rivals in only a short period of time, the sibling rivalry cooled long enough to find common ground and make a deal.

Going to Springfield will be oft (or is it always) injured starter Rich Harden, left handed reliever Matt Thornton and the Chows 12th round draft pick. Coming back to Illinois will be Keith Foulke, Tim Corcoran and Springfield's 1st Pick.

Chows GM Brad Sherlag explained the move as follows, "This was a difficult deal to pull the trigger on. Rich Harden could be one of the top five pitchers in the entire NASBL if he ever strings together a healthy season. However, keeping a pitcher each year with limited innings really hampers our roster building and decreases the chance we hit with prospects in the later rounds. Having three first round draft picks should help us change the direction of the Chows for years to come."

It is nice to see that Brad Sherlag isn't even pretending this time that the players coming back to Illinois will make an impact. Getting back a Keith Foulke is like the scene in major league where it is uttered "this guy here is dead." Though still alive, Foulke wouldn't even be good enough with his dead arm to pich in the Major Leagues, much less the NASBL.

'Topes fans can now hope that the nuclified air of Springfield will have regenerative properties for all Harden's ailments. If he can be healthy for the post-season run, the trade could help bring a crown to Springfield. If he can be healthy beyond, the younger Sherlag may be able to brag about a fleecing for the next 15 years or so.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Surging Haymakers?

Haymakers manager Davey Johnson smiles from his desk after pitcher Kevin Millwood pitches the team's first complete game shutout ever. "Millwood was great today," he says sarcastically, "He has been getting shelled in his last five starts. I told him I would have all the coaches and I shave our heads if he pitched a shutout, I never though he would actually do it!" Jokes aren't the only thing keeping the Haymakers smiling, they have played at a tremendous pace; winning 22 of 31 games at home in June and July.

"We've done it thanks to timely hits and our team speed," says Troy star Carl Crawford, "we don't need to hit homeruns to win. How many games have we won recently where someone gets on late, steals second or takes that extra base on a single then someone else drives them home on another single?" To be exact, the Haymakers have won 7 in the last two months on their last at bat and only one of them was a walk-off homerun. "Gotta love those walk-off singles," laughs Conor Jackson.

Troy's bunch of speedsters and slap hitters are not the only reason for the hot streak; they have won fifteen games by 3 or less in the homestand and five in extra innings. B.J. Ryan, Huston Street, and Brain Fuentes has shot down the opposition late in the game. Street's ERA has gone from 5.84 to 2.72 and Ryan's ERA went from 4.19 to 2.25 during the homestand while only allowing 1 run. "Brian really has been the guy," says closer Ryan, "I don't think he's given a run up all season." It's close to being true. Brian Fuentes is 6-1 and his ERA is a minuscule 0.53.

The recent hot-streak has placed the Haymakers in contention for the wild-card. "There is still a lot of time left in the season," says GM Ken Anderson, "We have played great recently, but we need to keep focused and play hard the rest of the way. I like our chances if we do that, and pick up a starter or two." Will the Haymakers be buyers at the trading deadline? "We will if we are in contention at the end of this block," said Ken Anderson.

Who's On 3rd?

With a recent trade that netted MSU's Joe Crede the Roadkill have a logjam at 3B. The Georgia front office would like to move Crede, Morgan Ensberg or Wilson Betemit. Although GRK intends to keep Crede and immediately schedule him for intensive off-season training he could possibly be moved in the right deal.

Ensberg & Betemit are in their FA seasons and it's pretty certain they will not re-sign with GRK before the end of the current season. Any of the three could help a playoff contender. Who doesn't need a GG 3B with power and hits both LHP & RHP? In addition, Ensberg (3L) & Betemit (5R) could both serve in a platoon role and are steady defensively.

GRK needs help at CF, SP, Closer, prospects and draft picks. Contact the Roadkill front office if interested.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Spurs Rookie Jose Bautista Hits for Cycle!

Rookie Jose Bautista hit for the cycle and had 5 RBI and Kenny Rogers completed the game without help from the bullpen as DFW outclubed OJW by the count of 15 to 2, at Wreckin' So Field.

Bautista had a big day with his bat. He tripled in the 1st inning, belted athree-run homer (his 5th) in the 2nd inning, laced a base-hit in the 3rd inning, lashed a single plating a run in the 4th inning and doubled which scored a run in the 8th inning. Dallas Ft Worth bats were hot in the 2nd inning when they had 6 runs on 7 hits and the 4th inning which saw them plate 5 runs on 6 hits. DFW managed 22 in their victory.

I felt great out there today' Bautista said. 'I was seeing the ball perfectly,and I was right on it with my swing. There were several reports that afterthe game Bautista keep going up to Outlaw fans and keep saying "Are youjust going to whistle Dixie?" and "Go ahead make my day". The reports were totally false.

Nice Box Score
J.Bautista AB-6 H-5 R-2 RBI-5

1B- J.Bautasta (2)
2B- J.Bautista
3B- J.Bautista
HR- J.Bautista

Chows Staff Gets Younger

Illinois GM Brad Sherlag has package Curt Schilling and Juan Cruz to get promising young arm James Shields from the Lake Champlain Cannibals. Mike O'connor was also part of the deal.

When asked about the trade GM Brad Sherlag commented, "I wish Curt all the best in Lake Champlain, I think he will enjoy the added run support that for whatever reason our offense has failed to give him this season. Curt and his bloody sock are gutty competitors who may just will the Cannibals into the post-season. We will also miss Juan in our pen -- he has been willing to pitch extended outings and often. We are very excited to get back James Shields, he is only 25 years old and will hopefully be a member of our staff for years to come along with Halladay, Capuano and Blanton."

This was the Chows second deal this season, but they may not be finished. The fact that Sherlag left Harden's name off his "staff for years to come" has lead to speculation that he may be on his way out. Or it may simply be a message from Sherlag that he needs to toughen up and pitch through pain before he can be relied upon. Some Chows who may not be with the team at the end of the year include Frank Thomas, Kiko Calero, Bob Wickman, Matt Thornton, Tadahito Iguchi and Tom Glavine. Brad Sherlag has finally shown that he is not afraid to pull the trigger.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Nothing like a 'Good' Bush!

DFW finds themselves at the half way point of the season at 52-32. Leading the way is pitcher Dave Bush, who is 10-4 with a 3.27 era. You see signs around the ball park that read, 'Nothing like a Good Bush', or 'In Bush We Trust', the fans know that he (Bush) is the main reason the Spurs are in the play-off hunt this year. There is no doubt the Bush is the Spurs Cy Young winner, however he has the second half of the season to prove it to the rest of the NASBL.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Chows now in Fire Sale mode

The following Illinois players are officially on the block:

Frank Thomas -- stud DH or pinch hitter -- The Big Hurt can get those clutch hits for you to win games. Frank was rested during some home games so his usage should be back on track for Block III. Who is your DH -- is he better than Frank this year? Frank is even willing to "request" that his NASBL HOF plaque has the hat of his final team on it -- he can be immortalized as a _____________. The Hall may let him get away with it too if he can wax profoundly about his World Championship with said team.

Michael Barrett -- Want a catcher who can hit -- Michael is your man. Real solid card -- can drive in runs for you. He is also fast becoming a reason for fans to buy tickets to the game -- baseball and boxing a combination that can't be beat. WARNING -- may not mix well with A.J. Pierzynski or Carlos Zambrano

Adam Everett -- want to shore up your D up the middle in the late innings --his 1 at SS can help out your closer.

Juan Cruz -- Need some innings? Cruz has them for you and they are pretty decent innings.

Bob Wickman -- Closer burned out from all those games you are winning? Bob's not -- the Chows rarely win and when they do Halladay usually goes all 9. His low home runs will make him a solid guy in the middle of your pen as well.

Kiko Calero -- Real good card -- plenty of innings yet because he was the Chows set-up man.

Matt Thornton -- need a lefty out of the pen? Matt's your man.

Justin Speier -- Unique R/L pitcher -- can really help in certain situations. Again he has plenty of innings.

David Dellucci -- Fantastic Pinch Hitter and part-time player against Righties. Has an excellent card and has been very productive for the Chows.

Chone Figgins -- not a better pinch runner available for you -- imagine being down a run in the ninth in the World Series and your slow DH walks with one out and nobody on. Chone can PR and steal that run for you!!!

Pedro Filiciano -- will cost you more than the other relievers because he is shaping up to be good next year -- but he is a lefty who can get both sides out.

Feel free to ask about other guys as well -- would be willing to trade some of the other guys if I am getting back useful players for next year. Others I would consider dealing include Adrian Beltre, Mark Teahen, Adam Dunn, Tadahito Iguchi and Josh Willingham -- however those are guys that fit (or may fit) into the Chows future (wow the future sure seems bright with names like that!!!).

First team to act on relief pitchers can give me back a totally spent arm since I am OK on relief innings for now!!!

My needs:

Draft Picks

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Johnson shines in Sioux debut

Burlington, VT - New Sioux SP Josh Johnson went the distance in VFS' 4-1 win over OJW. JJ allowed only 5 baserunners and struck out 10 in Vermont's block 2 home opener.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

When will LCC pull the trigger?

Every league has their trigger-happy GM who's a habitual wheeler-n-dealer. From the glory days of Red Auerbach to modern the day madman, George Steinbrenner.

And the NASBL is blessed with Steve Beard (shown at the right at his high school's project graduation party). Upon entering the league Beard has molded LCC in a Dr. Frankensteinian manner, never satisfied and often taking one step forward followed by two steps back. only contains recent trade data (hmm, wonder if the new commish is trying to hide his trading ways?), but that small sample reveals only four moves by LCC in the last 18 months.

With the Cannibals sitting only 2 games out of first and 1.5 back in the Wildcard race, Beard is either playing possum or this prolific trade machine has run out of steam.

While the recent acquisition of "The Tee" made the waiver wire reports, it lacked the usual pizazz of a Beard move. So what's it gonna be Beardo, the league sits and waits, patiently wondering what rabbit, er turd, you're pulling out of your oversized baseball head next.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It's good to be back in the South after a dismal 10-16 Block I road trip.

The Block I Good:
  • Manny is Manny - .618 slugging, .418 onbase, 14 HR despite limited playing time.
  • Omar the Feared - More than just a leather flasher at age 39, Omar is leading Outlaw with a .314 batting average. Omar the Feared is third, yes third, in the entire NASBL league with 5 intentional walks!
The Block I Bad:
The Block I Ugly:

Illinois raised the white flag of surrender yesterday and looked toward the future by packaging Brian Giles and Josh Johnson for a First Round Draft Pick, Joe Blanton and Chone Figgins. Owner/GM Brad Sherlag said, "Obviously the 1st Round Pick is a big deal to us. We have looked ahead to the draft and project it to be a shallower draft than last year with the talent drying up very early in Round 2. Getting another first rounder helps us snag two quality players. Blanton is a young arm coming back and Figgins should be able to pinch run some for us."

When asked if having Blanton in the rotation instead of Johnson will help the Chows move up in the 1st round with their own pick, Sherlag responded agrily “Morandini will put the best team on the field he can and try and win.”

Many Chows are still rumored to be on the block, most notably Frank Thomas, Bob Wickman, Adam Everett, Kiko Calero, Matt Thornton, David Dellucci and Pedro Feliciano. With the extension of the Block I trade deadline, the Chows hope to make another move before Block II.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Cannibals Sign Former VFS Batting Tee to Pro-Rated $28m Contract

In a surprise reaction to the Vermont Fighting Sioux's recent blockbuster deal, their in-state rivals the Lake Champlain Cannibals have signed a former VFS batting tee to a record $28 million dollar minor-league contract.
"The Tee," as it has become known, earned its all-capital appelation and its local notoriety by pitching a complete simulated-game no-hitter against the famously light-hitting VFS outfield of Chone Figgins, Mark Kotsay, and Coco Crisp ("The Tee" is shown at left, inducing a Mark Kotsay groundout dribbler).
Said LCC GM Steve Beard, "The Vermont State Championship is a very important title to us. And while we were able to sign away Jose Cruz Jr from our in-state rivals, the local press made much of the fact that VFS GM Justin Rabidoux was able to sign not one, but two of our former players (Chone Figgins and Coco Crisp) to play against us this year. As far as "The Tee" goes, well, let me just say that we've been scouting him pretty much since he was part of a Little Tikes TotSports Teeball Set playing backyard ball in Essex Junction. He's always had excellent control of the strikezone, but never really seemed to show the velocity and movement we thought he'd need to succeed at the NASBL level."
"Well, let me just tell you - all that changed for good last week! Our local scouts were just on a routine spy mission down in Burlington, and we happened to see "The Tee" through the knothole in the fence, getting ready for a simulated game against struggling VFS outfielders Figgins, Crisp, and Kotsay (locally known by their initials as the F*CK outfield, although persistant rumors exist that they earned their nickname not for their initials, but due to the expletive GM Justin Rabidoux shouts every time one of them pops out with the bases loaded). He looked calm and confident out there, just pounding the strikezone with his non-heat. For the first few innings of the simulated game, we didn't think much of it. But as Figgins, Crisp, and Kotsay repeatedly pounded their bats on the ground and shouted out their acronym, we slowly began to pay more and more attention."
"Hey," said our senior scout, "Get the gun on that Tee."
"Can you guess what he was bringing? Well, let's just say the last two digits on that gun reading were zero-zero, if you know what I'm getting at..."
"About the 6th innning you could really tell The Tee had something special going. His teammates started getting the idea about that time, too. The bouncy backyard pitch-back thingy moved way down the bench, and the HitAway(tm) wrapped itself quietly around a pole up by the dugout entrance. Eventually, even the Tom Emanski Instructional Video quit talking to him."
"I guess that goes to show you, even inanimate training aids can get a little bit silly when destiny comes knocking."
"Well, to make a long story short, "The Tee" ended the VFS outfield's batting practice session in short order - 27 up, 27 down. At that point, we were sure we needed to make our move. While some minor legal questions remain, I don't see how our recently signed $28 million dollar minor-league contract with "The Tee" can do anything but improve our team's chances for a successful run at the post-season, and almost as importantly, the Vermont State Championship."

VFS - ILL make season's first big trade

The 1st place Vermont Fighting Sioux and the Illinois Chow Chows (currently in last in the uber-tough TG East) have struck the first big trade of the 2007 NASBL season.

The Sioux have acquired starting pitcher Josh Johnson and RF Brian Giles in exchange for their 1st round pick in the '08 NASBL draft along with Joe Blanton and Chone Figgins.

The move represents two significant upgrades for VFS. Johnson (3-2, 3.80 for ILL) is a front end of the rotation pitcher and his starts will be easier on the eyes of Sioux fans compared to Blanton's (1-1, 8.53). VFS now has a legitimate playoff caliber rotation as JJ joins Cy Young candidates John Lackey (3-1, 2.34), Ervin Santana (3-1, 3.55), Bret Myers (5-1, 3.42) and ROY hopeful Francisco Liriano (2-1, 2.66 in a swing role).

Chone Figgins was batting 9th and playing RF against RHP and playing CF vs LHP for the Sioux in playing in all 38 games hitting a paltry .239 with an OPS of .715. Giles will step into the RF vs RHP role and his #s with the Chows (.282, .792) are worthy of a higher spot in the lineup.

This is the first time the Sioux have traded away a top pick in years, but GM Justin Rabidoux wanted to strike while the iron was hot. VFS advance scouts have been touring the minors and early reports are the '08 draft will be lacking depth, thus making the 1st round pick easier to part with.

More on this trade is sure to come from numerous media outlets.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Roadkill Suspend Rocket Trade Talks

With the Rocket heading back to NYY the Roadkill front office have suspended trade talks involving the future NASBL HOF. "Roger obvoiusly still has something in the tank despite his 7+ ERA in Block I" GM Miller was quoted. We just haven't received the serious offers we would expect for a front-end starter for a playoff contending team. If Clemens doesn't help GRK this season he most certainly will next when the Roadkill will be a much stronger club if the early results of the MLB season are any indication.

Jermaine Dye and Ray Durham are considered expendable with the strong performances of Mags, Vlad & Aaron Hill.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My 2 cents....NFL Draft vs. NASBL Draft

Last weekend the NFL Draft was held. I enjoy following the Draft as much as the next person, BUT the word overkill comes to mind. Espn does a great job but watching the same thing over and over again and listening to all these experts opinion does wear on you. I also listen to some of the Draft on the radio. When things got slow they took calls from the listeners. People would call in and give their views on the Draft and what they felt there team should have or could have done. One piece of information I heard (which I thought was very amusing) was a source from the Cowboys told him that it would be a "Cold day in Hell" before they would draft a kicker. Well what do you know in the 6th round the Cowboys drafted a kicker Nick Folk of Arizona. Low and behold listeners started calling in and asking why would Cowboys sources give out wrong information during the draft? That got me thinking about a more important draft than the NFL, which of course is our NASBL SOM Baseball draft. Trying to get correct info during the NASBL Draft is like trying to get blood out of a turnip! I know one manager who won't tell you who he's looking at or who may be involved in a trade because he doesn't want to "jinx it". Unfortunately I understand where he's coming from. When there are two picks before your draft pick and you say the player's name who you want out loud, then bam he will get taken. We all do it; it's human nature I guess, but that's what makes the Draft so much fun! Here's one for you this year a manager said before the Draft he wanted Stephen Drew, then bam he was taken number 1!! See the jinx works. Now I am sure the fact that there were several picks before his pick didn't have a thing to do with it!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Slow start hampers Spurs

The Spurs know they will be in a fight to make a playoff run this year and going just 17-14 at home during BK-1 didn't help any. "It's like digging a hole and the more you dig the more dirt falls back in the hole making it harder and harder to get the dirt out", stated skipper Red Robbins. When asked at the daily press conference, "What does that have to do with your BK-1 record"? "Nothin', I just like that saying", the skipper said. Travis Hafner is picking up where he left off last year hitting .318 with 9 dingers and 30 ribbies. The good news is DFW has a team batting average of .290, the bad news is the team era is 4.88 and they have been out homere 43-37.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Are The Chows Sellers?

Being in the cellar of the Tastes Great East has forced Illinois to consider themselves sellers.

“We did not expect or dream we would be in this position. When we picked Thomas in the 3rd round we thought it made us good enough to compete. We really thought we would be in the thick of it all year,” said GM Brad Sherlag.

Given the alarming start – the following players are On the Block. However, Sherlag plans to be very cautious in making deals. “I really don’t think I will get anything done until close to the end of Block I or potentially after Block II. If I am getting someone back that will help next year – I want to scout them as long as possible to make sure I believe they will help next year.” Translation: Sherlag wants to see as much of the players stats as possible to make sure they will have a good chance of success in 2008.

Players that will be dealt (barring a Block II turnaround and no deals made left):
Frank Thomas
Juan Cruz
Kiko Calero
Matt Thornton
At Least one Corner Outfielder though probably not Dunn or Teahen (see list below)

Players that could be had:

Adam Dunn
Mark Teahen (3B this year, RF CF next year)
Josh Willingham
David Dellucci
Austin Kearns
Brian Giles
Josh Johnson
Adam Everett

Players that may become available

Justin Speier
Bob Wickman

My Needs:

Draft Picks
Invitation to play in The TG South

Sherlag did want to say, “We are not in panic mode. We aren’t determined to deal. If nobody knocks our socks off we will see how it guys in Block II. A lot of guys underperformed their normal levels in Block I.”

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shields vs. Uggie - Update

Well, it looks like Uggie was able to make good on Ozzie Guillen's threat. While behind bars, rumor has it that Urbina was the mastermind behind the recent attack on the much maligned VFS setup man, Scot Shields.

This photo was purchased by the blog (outbidding US Weekly and the now defunct NASBL Times), it clearly shows the damage done to Shields' arm. Wait, what's that? Uggie's uglies missed their target. The mangled arm in the photo is clearly the glove hand of Shields. Where was this picture taken? Certainly not in the Sioux training room. The background has the look of a seedy middle-man warehouse distribution center run by Johnny Sacks. Note the cheap office furniture and shag carpet, those items are clearly below the standard set at Sioux nation.

When asked about this SNAFU, Uggie hid this scrawled message for us in the prison laundry cart, "The left arm, the right arm, I do not take care of. When do you swing a machete the objective always is not struck, but the result desired is achieved."
Now that Shields can't hold a glove, what does the future hold for him in the Sioux rotation. Sioux GM Justin Rabidoux opined in choppy French-Canadian-English "The Scotsman renounces only doubles and dingers, therefore this is not as if he needs the glove to receive his position. This "injury" will not relieve Scotsman its duties, call me when there is the blood."

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Roadkill run for the playoffs or the hills?

Having just completed a sub .400 Block I but still in the race for a TG South division title the Roadkill front office do not know what direction to take. It's unlikely they will throw everything including the kitchen sink after another title but would not rule out some mid-season trades if the club is still in the hunt (anything is possible in the TGS this year).

Roger Clemens & Jermaine Dye have been discussed with a few playoff contenders but we have not been able to pull the trigger on a deal. With the hot start Aaron Hill is having with the Blue Jays this MLB season Ray Durham has found himself expendable as well.

The Roadkill need prospects at CF, 3B, C and SP and of course high draft picks.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Dallas Fort Worth came to town as the crack Haymakers IP group finally gets their Net-play up and running. (Also many thanks to Steve for the consult!) The Haymakers drop 3 of 4 but three of the games were nail-biters. (Check out the boxscores below)
So as the Haymakers vlose out thier homestand for the first block, much can be said about what the team has learned so far. They can't win with Vernon Wells hitting .211 in the 3rd spot of the lineup and Chris Carpenter cannot start every game. Some good things is that so far Scott Olsen is pitching better than expected and Macier Izturis has done nicely at the bottom of the order (probably contributing to Crawford being second on the team in RBI's!)
I have had a bunch of fun so far and look forward to playing a lot more games on net-play. (now that I got it working) All I know is I'm much better than HAL!

Game 1:
The Haymakers win 5 to 4 thanks to the bull-pen and Carl Crawford going 3 for 4 with 2 ribbies.

Game 2:
The Spurs win 4 to 2 on some late socring opprotunities by Dallas Fort Worth. The Haymakers jumped to an early 2-0 lead but couldn't hold it as Guillen hit a big solo shot in the 8th inning to take the lead. Guillen ended up 2 for 4 with 3 RBI's. The Spurs scored a ninth inning run to win 4 to 2.

Game 3:
The best game of the series where Kenny Rogers bested Scott Olsen in a masterful pitching duel. Olsen pitched 8 innings giving up only three hits, although unfortunetly for the Haymaker fans one of them was a solo home run to Travis Hafner. Rogers and Rincon both combined for the shutout, scattering 8 hits and 1 walk between the pair.

Game 4:
A blowout by the Spurs where they won 10 to 2. Bonds went 3 for 3 with a homer and 4 RBI. Jason Jennings pitched a complete game giving up only 9 hits and 1 walk. Utley hit a home run and a double in the loss.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

MSU Block 1

Mystified on why his team plays so well at home and Horrendous on the road, MSU Manager Jim Bessinger has vowed to investigate why his team plays soo poorly on the road. When asked why his team is so bad on the road, Bessinger replied " HAL SUCKS!!! "

Friday, April 20, 2007

Ozzie to Scot - Run & Hide

As Vermont Fighting Sioux reliver Scot Shields continues to struggle,, 3rd base coach Ozzie Guillen has this message to send along, "You look better at its back, my small compadre Ugie is ready to bust and put a cover in its burro."

Who you got????
I'll take the machete wielding lunatic vs. the meatball throwing soon to be waived hurler.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

VFS / LCC live blogging

5:15 - Rabidoux shows up on time with beer, an obvious ploy to disable LCC's decision-making.
5:17 - Beard discovers Rabidoux brought a 9-pack. The decision-making playing field is now level, at least.

Live NASBL Blog Event - The Vermont Civil War

Burlington, VT-
A NASBL first, brought to you by the genius that is Steve Beard. Today we have the privilege of live-Blogging the series between the streaking Vermont Fighting Sioux and the venerable Lake Champlain Cannibals.

It's NASBLtastic, grab your routers and scoot to the edge of your barcenloungers.
The Sioux roll into LCC's home stadium, NEEDCO, with a full head of steam having just taken 3 of 4 on the road from division rival Pocono and have a stable of Cy Young canidates in this young season.
LCC, is well LCC. They will mash their way to victory behind Papi all the time playing the station-to-station game that Earl Weaver invented and Beard perfected.
When asked if he feared the likes of E. Santana, Lackey, Liriano, Myers, Wagner, etc. Papi spouted (through an interpreter) "That Justin Rabidoux is a piece of excrement, and its boys will be hanging and they will be eviscerated as this first season I-89 roadkill. "
Huh, what does that mean??? Tune in and find out.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fw: Vermont New York@Pocono

> Fighting Sioux.. 0 0 5 1 1 0 5 0 0 - 12 15 1
> Chin Music...... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 7 1
> Win:Lackey(2-0) Loss:Arroyo(3-3)
> Homeruns- A.Pujols(4th)
> First baseman Albert Pujols had 4 hits and 4 RBI and
> John Lackey pitched a
> complete game shutout at Thunderdome as the Vermont
> Fighting Sioux, running
> on all cylinders, ripped the Pocono Chin Music by a
> large 12 to 0
> margin.
> Pujols provided much of the offense. He clubbed a
> three-run home run (his 4th
> of the season) in the 3rd inning, stroked a single
> scoring a run in the 5th
> inning, stroked a base-hit in the 7th inning and
> lashed a one-base hit in the
> 8th inning. Vermont finished with 15 hits in the
> victory.
> Lackey(2-0) went the distance for the shutout. Bronson
> Arroyo(3-3) was the
> losing pitcher. He was not very effective,
> surrendering 5 runs in 2 and 2/3
> innings.
> Fighting Sioux.. 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 - 2 6 0
> Chin Music...... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 - 1 6 1
> Win:Liriano(1-0) Loss:Smoltz(2-3) Save:Wagner(2nd)
> Francisco Liriano reeled off a total of 11 strikeouts
> as the Vermont Fighting
> Sioux outscored the Pocono Chin Music 2 to 1.
> Liriano(1-0) contributed a very nicely pitched game.
> He was stingy on the
> mound, allowing just 4 hits and no walks in 7 innings
> reducing his ERA from
> 4.05 to 2.63. Pocono had a chance to come back in the
> 9th but they came up
> short.
> Liriano got help from Billy Wagner who earned his 2nd
> save. John Smoltz(2-3)
> suffered the loss. Liriano was humble when questioned
> about his performance,
> 'Well, I felt pretty confident in my pitches tonight.
> But, I had great
> support behind me and I just threw what was called.
> That was an extremely
> well called game!'
> Fighting Sioux.. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 - 1 10 0
> Chin Music...... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 4 0
> Win:Shields(1-0) Loss:Haren(0-4) Save:Wagner(3rd)
> Scot Shields(1-0) blanked the Pocono Chin Music at
> Thunderdome. The Vermont
> Fighting Sioux scored managed just one run for the
> victory.
> The game was won by Vermont with a run in the top of
> the 8th inning. Robinson
> Cano lined a single. Derek Jeter was next and he laid
> down a sacrifice bunt.
> Albert Pujols then laced a base-hit scoring the run.
> Pocono was out-hit by
> Vermont, 10 hits to 4.
> Billy Wagner earned his 3rd save. The loss was
> charged to Dan Haren(0-4). He
> gave up 8 hits and 1 walk in 7 and 1/3 innings.
> Fighting Sioux.. 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 - 4 12 0
> Chin Music...... 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 2 - 5 11 2
> Win:Hoffman(2-1) Loss:Shields(1-1)
> Catcher Kenji Johjima had 3 base hits and 3 RBI as the
> Pocono Chin Music
> rallied impressively to win in dramatic style over
> Vermont Fighting Sioux, 5
> to 4.
> Pocono came through with the game-winning runs in the
> 9th inning scoring 2
> runs using 4 hits. Johjima started the inning off
> right when he slapped a
> one-base hit. Chris Shelton was next and he smacked a
> single. Mark
> Grudzielanek then laid down a sacrifice bunt. Rich
> Aurilia was up next and
> he delivered a base-hit bringing in a run. Orlando
> Cabrera came to the plate
> and banged out a single resulting in an exciting win
> for Pocono and a raucous
> post-game celebration by the home town fans. Pocono
> managed 11 in their
> victory.
> Trevor Hoffman(2-1) went 2/3 of an inning allowing no
> runs for the win. Scot
> Shields(1-1) was tagged with the loss in relief. He
> surrendered 2 hits and
> no walks in 1/3 of an inning.
> Knights......... 1 0 0 1 0 4 0 0 3 0 - 9 13 2
> Chin Music...... 0 1 0 6 2 0 0 0 0 1 - 10 16 2
> Win:Hoffman(3-1) Loss:Wainwright(1-1)
> Homeruns- T.Wigginton(1st), O.Saenz(1st),
> C.Shelton(3rd), J.Rivera(4th)
> Johan Santana struck out 12 batters at Thunderdome as
> the Pocono Chin Music
> beat the New York Knights in 10 innings by the count
> of 10 to 9.
> The game was deadlocked at 9 after nine full innings.
> Pocono won the game in
> the 10th inning. Mark Grudzielanek delivered a
> one-base hit. Two outs later
> David Bell came up and he was walked intentionally.
> Torii Hunter then
> doubled making Pocono the victors to the delight of
> the home town faithful.
> Overall Pocono out-hit New York 16 to 13.
> Trevor Hoffman(3-1) was the winner allowing no runs in
> 1 and 1/3 innings. Adam
> Wainwright(1-1) absorbed the loss in relief. He
> allowed 3 hits and 1 walk in
> 1 and 2/3 innings.
> Knights......... 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 - 2 13 1
> Chin Music...... 2 1 0 0 0 2 0 6 - 11 13 0
> Win:Arroyo(4-3) Loss:Cain(0-1)
> Homeruns- O.Cabrera(1st), K.Johjima-2(5th)
> Catcher Kenji Johjima cracked 2 homeruns and had 3 RBI
> at Thunderdome where
> the Pocono Chin Music beat the New York Knights by the
> score of 11 to 2.
> The Pocono fans enjoyed the offense provided by
> Johjima. He hit a bases-empty
> home run in the 2nd inning and bombed a two-run dinger
> (his 5th of the
> season) in the 6th inning. Both teams totaled 13 on
> the night.
> Bronson Arroyo(4-3) picked up the victory, allowing 2
> runs in 6 and 1/3
> innings. Matt Cain(0-1) was given the loss. He was
> touched for 3 homeruns in
> his 7 innings of work.
> Pocono now has a record of 14-18. With the loss New
> York now has a record of
> 2-3.
> Knights......... 1 0 0 0 2 2 0 0 0 - 5 11 0
> Chin Music...... 3 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 - 4 11 2
> Win:Willis(1-0) Loss:Smoltz(2-4) Save:Saito(1st)
> Homeruns- R.Aurilia(2nd), T.Hunter(11th)
> Designated hitter Bill Hall had 2 base hits and
> Takashi Saito finished
> beautifully as the New York Knights outscored the
> Pocono Chin Music 5 to
> 4.
> New York came up with 2 runs in the top of the 6th
> inning when they had 3 base
> hits. It was enough to earn the victory. Saito,
> after tossing a perfect
> ninth, was credited with his 1st save.
> Dontrelle Willis(1-0) allowed 4 runs in 6 innings, and
> picked up the victory.
> John Smoltz(2-4) was given the loss. He pitched 9
> innings allowing 11 hits
> and 3 walks.
> Knights......... 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 - 3 12
> 0
> Chin Music...... 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 - 4 11
> 0
> Win:Benoit(1-1) Loss:Gregg(0-1)
> Homeruns- M.Cuddyer(2nd), P.Fielder(4th)
> Rich Aurilia had 2 base hits at Thunderdome where the
> Pocono Chin Music beat
> the New York Knights in 12 innings 4 to 3.
> The score was tied at 3 after nine. Finally, Pocono
> pulled the game out in
> the 12th inning. After an out was recorded, Aurilia
> delivered a base-hit.
> After another out, Prince Fielder stepped in and he
> drew a walk. Chris Coste
> then drew a walk to load the bases. Jeff Conine
> followed and he laced a
> base-knock resulting in a mighty exciting win for
> Pocono and the 39,721 home
> town fans in attendance. Pocono had a total of 11
> hits for the game.
> The victory was credited to Joaquin Benoit(1-1) who
> went 1 inning, allowing no
> runs. Kevin Gregg(0-1) was hit with the loss in
> relief. He pitched 1 and 2/3
> innings allowing 1 hit and 1 walk.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Test post. Next test will be to see if we can use the Strat software's Blogger function to post boxscores to the Blog.