Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012 AJC Predictions

As clubs are reporting to ST camps & Roadkill Nation is patiently waiting to see where Peyton Manning will play this Fall (Titans) it's time for the annual Atlanta Journal Constitution predictions. The Burlington Free Press has yet to post the Vegas odds and the AJC followed the line last year by correctly picking the '11 NASBL Champs Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. Here we go:
TG MVP Troy Tulowitski LCC
LF MVP Jacoby Ellsbury SBU
TG CY Justin Masterson OJW
LF CY Matt Cain SBU
TG ROY Desmond Jennings HHA
LF ROY Eric Hosmer SBU
TG FOY Craig Kimbrel OJW
LF FOY Fernando Salas TRY
OJW over ILL
SHA over SBU
NASBL World Series
OJW over SHA in 6 games
WS MVP Mike Napoli

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Early Draft Results

Troy, NY: Haymaker GM Ken Anderson has always been a fan of speed and defense. They got that yesterday with Peter Bourjos, their first pick in the draft. With the 6th pick in the second round, Troy picked up arguably the best fielding center fielder in the league. His exceptional fielding and speed on the basepaths should excite many fans in Troy. "Anytime you have a chance to get a player who can run down every fly ball and be able to hit double digit Triples and Homeruns, you gotta go for it," the GM said, "He's going to add a lot to our lineup and in the field."

With the addition of Bourjos, the Haymakers have plus defenders in the most important positions up the middle. Defensive anchor and always smiling Brandon Phillips has already been working with new SS Alcedes Escobar on their double play turns is excited to see Bourjos play. "I have been watching videos of this guy," Brandon said, "and he's going to be fun to play with."
While the front office is all smiles regarding their pick, there are a lot of questions. Critics say Bourjos biggest flaw is that he does not get on base enough and that he strikes out too much. One thing is for sure; it's going to be exciting to see if Bourjos can learn to take a walk.

On another important note, Troy picked up pitcher Fernando Salas to man the 9th inning after set-up man Mike Adams.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Verlander packs his bags for Shawnee in 5 player deal

The purge in Honolulu continues as the roster continues to get remade.  After months of rumors, the deed has been done. Reigning AL MVP and CY YOUNG award winner Justin Verlander has been dealt along with RA Dickey (along with 5th and 6th round picks) to Shawnee for Ian Kennedy, Matt Garza and BJ Upton as well as a 2nd round pick in this years draft.  This deal instantly makes Shawnee a strong contender as they now have Verlander, Dickey, Johnny Cueto and Cole Hamels. A formidable foursome in any league.  As for the Hawaiians they continue to surprise with moves designed for the long haul. It appears that the roster will be significantly younger than last year and have significant turnover. Only 8 Hawaiians remain on the roster since the end of the season. More deals are sure to come as the draft starts in a few days and moves are still expected.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

DFW signs 1st Round Pick (Sort of)

The Dallas Morning News reports that DFW has schedule a Press Conference to announced the arrival of their 1st Rd Draft pick. That has the metroplex asking 2 big questions-- #1 Who is it? and #2 How is that possible when the Spurs don't have a 1st Rd pick! Well just before the reporters were fixing to ask all the right questions the answer walked in the room in Andrew McCutchen. In a Block Buster deal DFW acquired the young CF'er, and 3 Draft picks from HHA for Carlos Marmol, the 4th pick in the 2012 Draft and DFW's 3rd & 4th and with a little smile on his face and said it was only two years later getting done!'

Red went on to squash the idea that the Spurs gave up to much to get the the young CF'er by saying, 'Everyone knows that the sky is the limit on McCutchen's talent and he is a legitimate 5-tool player. Trust me if Andrew reaches the level we hope for, then no one will give it a second thought. We have done very well over the years with sons of ex-pro athletes...........does the name of Bonds or Griffey Jr. ring a bell!

Trade winds are a blowing: Avila Oswalt leave Honolulu

Avila the new starter in Grundy
Price should fit nice in Honolulu
Like a man on a mission GM Stan Pietruska continues to work the phone lines in an effort to reshape the mess that has become the Hawaiians. Earlier today formerly untouchable and heir apparent catcher Alex Avila was packaged along with Roy Oswalt and shipped off to Grundy County for young star lefty David Price.  JJ Putz was also sent back to Honolulu and is expected to work in a setup role.  The deal gets the lefty stud needed to compete in Montgomery Burns Stadium (home of the hated rival Isotopes). While HHA hated to give up a young star, they are receiving one of the most highly touted lefties to come along in years in Price.  He should anchor the Hawaiians staff for years to come and will be a welcome addition in the clubhouse.  As for Putz, its not certain if he will ever close for the Hawaiians as they have uber closer Mariano Rivera with the recently acquired Carlos Marmol waiting in the wings. 

Verlander on hot Seat as trade rumors swirl

Despite having a tremendous MLB season in 2011, Justin Verlander is in the doghouse. Hawaiians GM Stan Pietruska has grown increasingly concerned about Verlander's off season endorsement calendar. It seems that Verlander has used his CY Young and MVP award winning season to endorse everything from shoe cream to head lice shampoo. Verlander, who was busy shooting a Preparation H commercial, doesn't understand the commotion. "So I make some extra money on the side? Whats the big deal? I may need it with that tightwad squeezing me on contract negotiations."  GM Pietruska refused to engage in a press battle but was visibly dismayed by Verlander's callousness.