Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fernandez Pitches No Hitter - Solidifies ROY Bid

Illinois Times - Today Jose Fernandez made Illinois franchise history throwing the franchises first no-hitter and narrowly missing a perfect game against Shawnee.  Pedro Alvarez drew a walk and was the lone base-runner.

Fernandez who is not only contending for the ROY but also the Cy Young was sharp from the beginning.  He struck out 11 Crows improving his record to 12-6 and his ERA to 2.56 as the Chows bested Shawnee 3-0.  Amazingly, Fernandez has gone the distance 12 times in 20 starts and this was his 5th shutout on the season.  The Chows lack of power is all that is standing in the way from Fernandez having an even better record.

The Chows crack PR department issued this formal statement: This has been a rough Block III that has taken the Chows out of contention.  Having this gem pitched in late August gave our great home crowd something to remember.  We look forward to Fernandez anchoring our staff for years to come. Congratulations to Jose on this great accomplishment.