Saturday, February 21, 2015

NASBL 2015 Round 3/4 Draft Order

The draft order for rounds 3 and 4 (based on FA Money) will be:

1.  GCG
2.  LVI
3.  LCC
4.  GRK
5.  SPL
6.  DFW
7.  ECN
8.  PCM
9.  TRY
10. OJW
11. SBU
12. CCC
13. SHA
14. SPR
15. VFS
16. ILL

Some FA Money highlights:

-OJW narrowly edged out ECN for the largest number of NASBL News articles written in 2014.

-SPR got the $3k price for best record for a non-playoff team.  PCM earned the $2k for 2nd best record for a non-playoff team.

-6 teams (GCG, GRK, SBU, CCC, OJW, SHA) earned the $500 bonus for having a higher road winning percentage than home winning percentage.  Canyon Country accomplished this while posting an overall winning record, while Grundy not only had a winning record, but also made the playoffs!

-Chris Davis (215 K's) propelled SPL and SHA to the $50 prize for most strikeouts by a hitter.

-Opposing teams cashed in on Huston "Easy" Street for 9 blown saves, but DFW's Red Robbins cashed in on the $50 consolation prize for most blown saves by a pitcher in NASBL 2014.

-Adam Jones grounded into 25 double plays for VFS, but 25 doubled is 50 dollars for VFS!