Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Surging Haymakers?

Haymakers manager Davey Johnson smiles from his desk after pitcher Kevin Millwood pitches the team's first complete game shutout ever. "Millwood was great today," he says sarcastically, "He has been getting shelled in his last five starts. I told him I would have all the coaches and I shave our heads if he pitched a shutout, I never though he would actually do it!" Jokes aren't the only thing keeping the Haymakers smiling, they have played at a tremendous pace; winning 22 of 31 games at home in June and July.

"We've done it thanks to timely hits and our team speed," says Troy star Carl Crawford, "we don't need to hit homeruns to win. How many games have we won recently where someone gets on late, steals second or takes that extra base on a single then someone else drives them home on another single?" To be exact, the Haymakers have won 7 in the last two months on their last at bat and only one of them was a walk-off homerun. "Gotta love those walk-off singles," laughs Conor Jackson.

Troy's bunch of speedsters and slap hitters are not the only reason for the hot streak; they have won fifteen games by 3 or less in the homestand and five in extra innings. B.J. Ryan, Huston Street, and Brain Fuentes has shot down the opposition late in the game. Street's ERA has gone from 5.84 to 2.72 and Ryan's ERA went from 4.19 to 2.25 during the homestand while only allowing 1 run. "Brian really has been the guy," says closer Ryan, "I don't think he's given a run up all season." It's close to being true. Brian Fuentes is 6-1 and his ERA is a minuscule 0.53.

The recent hot-streak has placed the Haymakers in contention for the wild-card. "There is still a lot of time left in the season," says GM Ken Anderson, "We have played great recently, but we need to keep focused and play hard the rest of the way. I like our chances if we do that, and pick up a starter or two." Will the Haymakers be buyers at the trading deadline? "We will if we are in contention at the end of this block," said Ken Anderson.

Who's On 3rd?

With a recent trade that netted MSU's Joe Crede the Roadkill have a logjam at 3B. The Georgia front office would like to move Crede, Morgan Ensberg or Wilson Betemit. Although GRK intends to keep Crede and immediately schedule him for intensive off-season training he could possibly be moved in the right deal.

Ensberg & Betemit are in their FA seasons and it's pretty certain they will not re-sign with GRK before the end of the current season. Any of the three could help a playoff contender. Who doesn't need a GG 3B with power and hits both LHP & RHP? In addition, Ensberg (3L) & Betemit (5R) could both serve in a platoon role and are steady defensively.

GRK needs help at CF, SP, Closer, prospects and draft picks. Contact the Roadkill front office if interested.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Spurs Rookie Jose Bautista Hits for Cycle!

Rookie Jose Bautista hit for the cycle and had 5 RBI and Kenny Rogers completed the game without help from the bullpen as DFW outclubed OJW by the count of 15 to 2, at Wreckin' So Field.

Bautista had a big day with his bat. He tripled in the 1st inning, belted athree-run homer (his 5th) in the 2nd inning, laced a base-hit in the 3rd inning, lashed a single plating a run in the 4th inning and doubled which scored a run in the 8th inning. Dallas Ft Worth bats were hot in the 2nd inning when they had 6 runs on 7 hits and the 4th inning which saw them plate 5 runs on 6 hits. DFW managed 22 in their victory.

I felt great out there today' Bautista said. 'I was seeing the ball perfectly,and I was right on it with my swing. There were several reports that afterthe game Bautista keep going up to Outlaw fans and keep saying "Are youjust going to whistle Dixie?" and "Go ahead make my day". The reports were totally false.

Nice Box Score
J.Bautista AB-6 H-5 R-2 RBI-5

1B- J.Bautasta (2)
2B- J.Bautista
3B- J.Bautista
HR- J.Bautista

Chows Staff Gets Younger

Illinois GM Brad Sherlag has package Curt Schilling and Juan Cruz to get promising young arm James Shields from the Lake Champlain Cannibals. Mike O'connor was also part of the deal.

When asked about the trade GM Brad Sherlag commented, "I wish Curt all the best in Lake Champlain, I think he will enjoy the added run support that for whatever reason our offense has failed to give him this season. Curt and his bloody sock are gutty competitors who may just will the Cannibals into the post-season. We will also miss Juan in our pen -- he has been willing to pitch extended outings and often. We are very excited to get back James Shields, he is only 25 years old and will hopefully be a member of our staff for years to come along with Halladay, Capuano and Blanton."

This was the Chows second deal this season, but they may not be finished. The fact that Sherlag left Harden's name off his "staff for years to come" has lead to speculation that he may be on his way out. Or it may simply be a message from Sherlag that he needs to toughen up and pitch through pain before he can be relied upon. Some Chows who may not be with the team at the end of the year include Frank Thomas, Kiko Calero, Bob Wickman, Matt Thornton, Tadahito Iguchi and Tom Glavine. Brad Sherlag has finally shown that he is not afraid to pull the trigger.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Nothing like a 'Good' Bush!

DFW finds themselves at the half way point of the season at 52-32. Leading the way is pitcher Dave Bush, who is 10-4 with a 3.27 era. You see signs around the ball park that read, 'Nothing like a Good Bush', or 'In Bush We Trust', the fans know that he (Bush) is the main reason the Spurs are in the play-off hunt this year. There is no doubt the Bush is the Spurs Cy Young winner, however he has the second half of the season to prove it to the rest of the NASBL.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Chows now in Fire Sale mode

The following Illinois players are officially on the block:

Frank Thomas -- stud DH or pinch hitter -- The Big Hurt can get those clutch hits for you to win games. Frank was rested during some home games so his usage should be back on track for Block III. Who is your DH -- is he better than Frank this year? Frank is even willing to "request" that his NASBL HOF plaque has the hat of his final team on it -- he can be immortalized as a _____________. The Hall may let him get away with it too if he can wax profoundly about his World Championship with said team.

Michael Barrett -- Want a catcher who can hit -- Michael is your man. Real solid card -- can drive in runs for you. He is also fast becoming a reason for fans to buy tickets to the game -- baseball and boxing a combination that can't be beat. WARNING -- may not mix well with A.J. Pierzynski or Carlos Zambrano

Adam Everett -- want to shore up your D up the middle in the late innings --his 1 at SS can help out your closer.

Juan Cruz -- Need some innings? Cruz has them for you and they are pretty decent innings.

Bob Wickman -- Closer burned out from all those games you are winning? Bob's not -- the Chows rarely win and when they do Halladay usually goes all 9. His low home runs will make him a solid guy in the middle of your pen as well.

Kiko Calero -- Real good card -- plenty of innings yet because he was the Chows set-up man.

Matt Thornton -- need a lefty out of the pen? Matt's your man.

Justin Speier -- Unique R/L pitcher -- can really help in certain situations. Again he has plenty of innings.

David Dellucci -- Fantastic Pinch Hitter and part-time player against Righties. Has an excellent card and has been very productive for the Chows.

Chone Figgins -- not a better pinch runner available for you -- imagine being down a run in the ninth in the World Series and your slow DH walks with one out and nobody on. Chone can PR and steal that run for you!!!

Pedro Filiciano -- will cost you more than the other relievers because he is shaping up to be good next year -- but he is a lefty who can get both sides out.

Feel free to ask about other guys as well -- would be willing to trade some of the other guys if I am getting back useful players for next year. Others I would consider dealing include Adrian Beltre, Mark Teahen, Adam Dunn, Tadahito Iguchi and Josh Willingham -- however those are guys that fit (or may fit) into the Chows future (wow the future sure seems bright with names like that!!!).

First team to act on relief pitchers can give me back a totally spent arm since I am OK on relief innings for now!!!

My needs:

Draft Picks

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Johnson shines in Sioux debut

Burlington, VT - New Sioux SP Josh Johnson went the distance in VFS' 4-1 win over OJW. JJ allowed only 5 baserunners and struck out 10 in Vermont's block 2 home opener.