Friday, January 6, 2017

Preparing for the WS battle with DFW(part II)

Can the New Potatoes revenge last year's embarrassing sweep at the hands of DFW?

EdCouch GM is preparing for this epic repeat battle with DFW, meanwhile his staff is deep in offseason preparation for the upcoming season. EdCouch is making his 1st rd pick available again this year(though rumor has it they may hold on to it for one player they covet).

Ed Couch is also willing to deal David Wright for a late pick and slugger Bautista(we realize some fans just don't like this guy!). Also could trade Ervin Santana and his 30 quality starts as well as a young J.Schoop and J.Iglesias. Please contact us if you have any interest in any of these guys or any other trade ideas(we do love this time of the year!)


  1. 208 (NASBL Record), Tim Hudson, 2000-2016
  2. 138, Jake Peavy, 2004-2016
  3. 113, Andy Ashby, 1994-2003
  1. 2104, Tim Hudson, 2000-2016
  2. 2036, Jake Peavy, 2004-2016
  3.  1153, Andy Ashby, 1994-2003
  1. .580 (58-42), Mark Clark, 1994-2001
  2. .572 (83-62), Mark Langston, 1991-1995
  3. .562 (113-88), Andy Ashby, 1994-2003

ERA (1000 IP)
  1.  3.99, Mark Langston, 1991-1995
  2.  4.03, Tim Hudson, 2000-2016
  3.  4.22, Jake Peavy, 2004-2016

  1. 128, Keith Foulke, 1999-2005
  2. 125, Craig Kimbrel, 2012-2015
  3. 117, Trevor Hoffman, 1994-1999

  1. 2 (NASBL Record), Tim Hudson, 2000-2016 

Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 NASBL Awards

The 2016 NASBL awards winners are:

Nelson Cruz, OJW
Bryce Harper, DFW

Cy Young:
Marco Estrada, ECN
Dallas Keuchel, DFW

Rookie of the Year:
Noah Syndergaard, LVI
Kris Bryant, TRY

Fireman of the Year:
Wade Davis, ECN
Brad Ziegler, VFS

Diamond Notes:
-Bryce Harper is the 6th DFW Spur to win the LF MVP.  The first 4 were Barry Bonds.
-Dallas Keuchel of Dallas - Fort Worth is the first award winner in NASBL history to share a first name with his team.  "Dallas" outraced several other statistically more likely names such as "Troy" and "Ed," and disappointed those who were rooting for a longshot comeback from Steve "Lake."
-Kris Bryant (ROY / TRY) and Wade Davis (FOY / ECN) both swept all the available 1st place votes.
-The margin of victory for Brad Ziegler (FOY / VFS) and Marco Estrada (CY / ECN) was less than a single first-place vote.
-Ziegler (FOY / VFS) appears to be the first Fireman of the Year with more saves (41) than strikeouts (31.)  Reports that Dan Quisenberry just can't seem to shut up about this remain unconfirmed at this time.