Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Home Not so Sweet Home for DFW

Bk-3 finds the Spurs struggling to finish at .500 at home going 9-9, while on the road they posted an 11-9 record. During a 5 game series the Spurs went 0-3 vs HHA, and 0-2 vs LCC, and they had their 'heads' handed to them (all net-play). The LCC series was a 'Blood Bath'! LCC out scored DFW 22-1. "I was afraid they wanted to film a slasher movie. There wasn't that much blood in the movie Halloween", stated C Victor Martinez. "If we weren't getting or brains beat out, we were getting numbed to death". When asked what he meant, Martinez continued, "A blop single here, a seeing eye single there. A wild pitch here or passed ball there. You know numbed to death". When a reporter asked V-Mart, "Well when the Spurs are the team getting the seeing eye singles and the all the breaks (splits!!) you consider that making things happen right"? V-Mart just gave him a smile and a wink.

What also is puzzling is that DFW has a better road record 43-23 than they do home record 44-32!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Sioux stars shine bright in mid-season classic - Commish Beard Still Confused

The All-Star game means lots of things to lots of people. For the Vermont Fighting Sioux participants it meant this:

A chance to excel on a big stage and bask in the spotlight

Showcasing the deep talent pool that is the VFS roster

And most importantly, lock up home field advantage for the NASBL World Series. We are expecting NASBL GM Steve "Bud" Beard to announce that the NASBL will mirror MLB's practice of awarding home field to the winning league in the All Star game. However, it's worth noting that we have lost many a bet expecting "Triple Bogie" Beard to do the right thing.

So, with the stage set to achieve the above goals, here's how the Sioux players did:

- Albert Pujols, HR, Game MVP
- John Lackey, Perfect IP, winning pitcher
- Jorge Posada, 3 run HR

When cornered at the game, Triple Bogie's confused state was captured on camera.