Sunday, February 11, 2018

Decisions – Decisions - Decisions

The Grundy County Grizzlies are in a quandary trying to figure who they are going to take with the first draft pick.  They like Aaron Judge just fine, but they prefer Cody Bellinger.  Another part of that equation is skipping Judge and letting him fall to Georgia to play with Stanton and company.  That is an ugly prospect, especially for my Orioles.

Thinking back to last year at this time GCG would not have considered Judge or Bellinger with their pick.  The Griz favorite for their first choice would have been former Arkansas Razorback Andrew Benintendi.  The Griz would still love to have Benintendi, but now they are choosing between Judge and Bellinger.

So Griz brass decided to make a play for the Reverent Johnny Miller’s 1st round pick (2nd overall pick).   Mr. Miller told Griz brass to “Go Fish.”  Bears like to fish – so the Griz brass reviewed the Roadkill roster and saw that it has a shot at NASBL dominance this season.  Grizz Brass persisted offering Johnny 1B Paul Goldschmidt and RHSP Danny Salazar (who Roadkill brass has sought in trade for about a year).  Goldschmidt completes an infield of four (1) fielders for the Roadkill and Salazar gives the Roadkill a young SP who has flashed ACE potential and is healthy again.  The
Griz submitted the offer and again Miller said “Go Fish,” again. 

Miller informed Griz brass that since he had already traded his 2 and 3 and because he liked to draft he would keep his #1.  Miller told GCG brass that he figured the Griz to take Judge so he was looking at the next logical pick – choosing between Bellinger or Severino (Luis not Pedro).

The Bears brass went back to hibernating with a wakeup call set for the draft.  However, the phone rang a little early.  Miller contacted them and looked to expand the deal.  Johnny saw the value of adding Goldschmidt and Salazar to the Roadkill contender team and the discussions heated up.  Part of the reason Johnny may have changed his mind was he could not decide between Cody or Luis.  Both appear to have a great future.  So, a trade was consummated – GCG trades 1B Paul Goldschmidt, RHSP Danny Salazar, and the Griz #3 for Roadkill’s 1st round (2nd overall pick) and LHSP Sean Manaea (Johnny needed room on his roster before cuts to make the deal). 

So, the Grundy County Grizzlies have the 1st and 2nd picks of the draft with every intent on picking Judge and Bellinger, or was that Bellinger and Severino, or maybe it was two Yankees, Judge and Severino.  Oh yeah – Benintendi may be in mix.  This could be a tough but pleasant draft for Grundy County fans.