Monday, December 31, 2012

Illinois Deals Last Original Chow

Illinois Times - The Chows made headlines today by dealing their long-time face of the franchise Carlos Beltran.  After trading Halladay earlier this offseason, the Chows have now dealt their two longest tenured players and both faces of the franchise.  Beltran is atop the Chows all-time leader board in Games, AB, Hits, Doubles, Home Runs, Extra Base Hits, RBI's, Runs and Walks.

"We are in a rebuilding year and the acquisition of Upton relegated Carlos to DH.  The chance to get a youngish talented starter and our 2nd round pick back was too much to pass up.  We wish Carlos well and will always consider him a part of our franchise."

The deal sends Beltran, Maholm and the ILL 4 to Troy for Samardizja and the ILL 2 (previously dealt to the Haymakers).  The Chows are hoping for a quick turnaround and want to get younger while acquiring players who can help as soon as next year.  This deal nets two of those guys.

"Jeff is an amazing athlete with amazing stuff.  His K rate points to long-term success.  We had a surplus of OF and this deal just seemed to make sense for us."

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Haymakers Add an Arm!

Troy, NY:  The Haymakers made a move to upgrade their rotation today by adding Josh Johnson for Luke Hocheavr and a round 1 pick.  The oft injured, but very talented pitcher joins a rotation for Troy looking to make their third playoff appearance in a row in 2013. He also adds a much needed balance and potential ace for a team who will be lacking one after Carpenter's injury that will keep him out in 2013.
   "Losing Carp for 2013 is tough, especially since he has won at least 15 games every year for us," said GM Ken Anderson, "hopefully Johnson will be able to counteract that a bit."
   Josh Johnson has had his own success, winning 19 games while pitching for the world champion Iron Pigs in 2011 and in the championship in 2012 for the Bulldogs (still to be decided); and hopes to continue that success for the Haymakers.  "Pitching against this team (Troy) in 2011 was tough, they intrigued me."  he said, "Now I'm here and hopefully will be able to bring this team back to the championship."
   At this point Johnson joins the you phenom Madison Bumgarner, wiley veteran Hirkoi Kuroda (who was with Johnson in 2011 for the Iron Pigs), and wild card Jeff Samardija as an interesting group of arms.  "We are trying to build a team that will contend year after year," said the GM, "Something that will bring the fans to the new park that will be open this upcoming season.  Hopefully Johnson will be with the team for a number of years."
   The Haymakers are looking to fill some other key parts with what looks to be the 5th overall pick and 2 key second round picks.  

Saturday, December 1, 2012

2012 NASBL Post-Season Awards Announced

The 2012 NASBL Post-Season Awards banquet was heavily attended by fans of Outlaw Josey Wales, the Slatington Bulldogs, and the Lake Champlain Cannibals.

Individual Awards winners included:

TG MVP:  Matt Kemp, OJW (.330/46/116).  The Tastes Great Triple Crown winner surprised no-one by receiving the maximum number of 1st place votes. 

LF MVP:  Jose Bautista, SBU/TRY (.319/55/124).  The first ever mid-season trade player ever to win an NASBL MVP award, Bautista was also the first ever mid-season trade player to win a Less Filling Triple Crown.

TG Cy Young:  Justin Masterson, OJW (20-3, 2.10).  Outlaw completes a sweep of the major awards with the league ERA leader, who was also 2nd in the TG in wins.

LF Cy Young:  Matt Cain, SBU (26-4, 2.47)  Cain posted the 2nd highest single-season win total of all time, trailing only 2003 NJT's Randy Johnson and his mark of 27.

TG Rookie of the Year:  Freddie Freeman, LCC (.283/22/73)  The 1st rounder (10th overall) led all TG rookies in HR and RBI while bringing home Lake Champlain's 3rd ROY award (joining 2005 Coco Crisp and 2007 Brian McCann.)

LF Rookie of the Year:  Jemile Weeks, SBU (.321/4/38).  Rickie's younger brother narrowly missed ruining Jose Bautista's triple crown party, but avoided doing so by failing to accumulate enough ABs to qualify for the batting title.  Still, the limited playing time did not prevent Weeks from accumulating an impressive 45 SB.

TG Fireman of the Year:  Joel Hanrahan, LCC (7-4/1.33 /27) and Craig Kimbrel, OJW (6-1/1.93/28).  For the 2nd year in a row, an NASBL Fireman of the Year vote results in a tie.  Last year it was Hung Chi Kuo (VFS) and Huston Street (TRY.)

LF Fireman of the Year:  Ryan Madson, SHA (3-3/1.55/38) 1st in the LF in saves (and 2nd overall behind only Mariano Rivera, who accumulated 40 between 2 conferences,) Madson brought 1st time / long time NASBL GM Mike Johnson home some hardware.

Congratulations to all the award winners!