Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DFW heading in Right Direction (FOR NOW)

Dallas Morning News......

For the first time in years the Spurs have knock the Cowboys off the lead story in the DFW area.  Coming off a successful 19-8  BK-2 home record the Spurs have a legitimate chance to make a play-off run.  A big part is the leadership of  OF'ers Andrew McCutchen .325ba, 15-hr, 57rbi & Jason Heyward .315ba, 14-2b, 10-hr, 52rbi, both are having bounce back years after a subpar year in 2012.  Sports writer Ima Dumbas writes that the pair of McCutchen and Heyward are excelling both at the plate on in the outfield where they are playing at a Gold Glove rate!  Heyward is trying to live up to the hype that GM Red Robbins tried to sell to the media when DFW made Jason the #1 ovrall pick back in 2011.  Dumbas was trying to compare the drafting styles of DFW Spurs under Robbins compared to the Dallas Cowboys under the Jones tenure. If here was a camera  crew in the Spurs war room like we have in the Cowboys, what do you think we might see?  An advance scouting system making inform decisions or a couple of organization flipping a coin!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

The answer is -YES

Earlier in the year the question all the EdCouch fans wanted to know was the team going to make any moves to the pitching staff for the final stretch of the season and possible playoff push?

GM Ed Killmer answered with the team was designed for both this season and beyond and wanted to be careful not to sell of much of the future for the present. He did acknowledge that that teams like LVI and Troy were making big moves and he wasn't sure how or if he was going to make any moves.

Some fans are going to say the the GM saw the big moves that Troy made last week may have upped the ante for hopeful  post season teams. In a surprise move, the GM has decided to make a deal that will hopefully help the team for the playoff push and postseason and next year.

EdCouch announced today that Seattle and EdCouch made what both teams have called a good trade for each with EdCouch receiving C. Janssen and S. Atchison  and SEA 10th for Stammen and Buehrle and Ed Couch's coveted 3rd round pick(a steep future  price). When asked why they made the move, the GM stuck to his same line about balancing the current team needs(great relief pitchers) with Janssen's next season and beyond...and time will tell if the team can go all the way this year with the new pitchers and will Janssen keep up his excellent current MLB season?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Haymakers Hire Mercenaries for Playoff Push, Mortgage Future

Troy, NY:  For the past two seasons the Haymakers have made the playoffs, even making the championship series in 2011.  This taste of success has hungered the fans for more and brought much pressure on the current GM to be able to be able to have the team make that final step of winning it all.   If they do not win this year, there has been talk of ownership making a move to bring in different management.
  The Haymakers made two major deals this weekend bringing in starter/reliever Kris Medlen, starter Jon Niese, thirdbaseman Chase Headley, secondbaseman Aaron Hill, starter Phil Hughes and the injured Juan Carlos Oviedo.  Sent packing are Troy's first and second round picks, as well as starters Hiroki Kuroda and Paul Maholm, thirdbaseman Pablo Sandoval, secondbaseman Brandon Phillips, shortstop/pinch runner Dee Gordon and the injured outfielder Brett Gardner.

 The new look lineup will add much to the offensive power of the Haymakers, while Niese and Medlen will be very useful in the rotation and bullpen.
  "These kind of moves should help bring Troy back to the playoffs again in 2013, and hopefully to the championship," said GM Ken Anderson, "I mean, that's the plan anyway.  We hate to move the players we did but this is what we felt would finally bring us the championship."
  The Haymakers currently sit a game out of first place in the Less Filling West and these moves help Troy's positioning for the playoffs.
  "I am excited," said slugger Josh Hamilton, "We are going to have one of the best lineups in the league.  From top to bottom we are going to have guys that can get at you, knock you around."
   Watch for the new look Haymakers at ballpark near you!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

EdCouch starts to gel as a team...

The EdCouch New Potatoes have finally started hitting their stride as a team with the help of a cavernous park that features ballpark singles to 20 and the hot hitting of Ben Zobrist(OPS 1.037), Y.Molina(OPS .927) and Mike Trout(OPS .950) our team batting average is high (unsustainable) .296.

The cavernous park also features ballpark HR to 0 and that has helped our pitching staff featuring mostly home starts for Buehrle and Kennedy hence lowering their unsustainable ERA's, and that also includes Lynn pitching over his head. On the other hand with David Price pitching more on the road and facing the high diamond parks in our division, currently has a 5.02 ERA and is giving up 11.4 baserunners per 9 inn and 1.4 HR per 9 inn(double his real life total) and is nowhere near the Cy Young conversation!

In total the New Potatoes are hoping their lineups that feature many interchangeable parts can keep up the hitting and their pitching staff can remain competitive to lead the New Potatoes from a last place finish last year to a first place finish this year and a postseason berth.